Tax Bulletins

The Utah State Tax Commission periodically issues Tax Bulletins outlining tax-related issues. Bulletins are kept on this site for approximately three years. Relevant information from older bulletins is available on our Sales Tax Rates page, in Tax Publications, or elsewhere on our site.

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Bulletin Number Effective Date Title
6-14 Jan 1, 2015 Environmental Assurance Fee Increase
5-14 Jan 1, 2015 Helper Imposes Municipalilty Transient Room Tax
4-14 Oct 1, 2014 Brigham City Increases Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax; Emery City Imposes Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
3-14 Jul 1, 2014 Farr West Imposes Municipal Transient Room Tax
1-14 Apr 1, 2014 Municipal Transient Room Tax
2-14 Apr 1, 2014 Lindon and Helper Impose Botanical, Cultural, Recreational and Zoological Tax
10-13 Jan 1, 2014 Escalante Imposes the Resort Communities Tax
6-13 Oct 1, 2013 Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax Rates in Tropic and Kanab
7-13 Oct 1, 2013 Tropic Imposes Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
8-13 Oct 1, 2013 Municipal Transient Room Tax
9-13 Oct 1, 2013 Resort Communities Tax Increase by Brian Head
5-13 Jul 1, 2013 Pleasant Grove Increases Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax
1-13 Apr 1, 2013 Kamas Imposes Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
2-13 Apr 1, 2013 Ballard Imposes Municipality Transient Room Tax
3-13 Apr 1, 2013 Park City Imposes Additional Resort Communities Tax
4-13 Apr 1, 2013 Gunnison, Mayfield and Centerfield Impose Botanical, Cultural, Recreational and Zoological Tax
4-12 Jan 1, 2013 Energy Sales and Use Tax Rate Increased by Brigham City
5-12 Jan 1, 2013 County Transient Room Tax Increased by Grand County
6-12 Dec 31, 2012 Insurance Premium Tax Rate Remains Unchanged for 2013
3-12 Oct 1, 2012 Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax Rate Increased by Alta and Perry
2-12 Jul 1, 2012 Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA), Falcon Hill Development, Imposes Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax and Municipal Telecommunications License Tax
1-12 Jun 18, 2012 2012 Sales Tax Legislation
5-11 Jun 27, 2011 New Electronic Requirements for Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
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